Tuesday, January 10, 2012

visions unfolding...

i thought i would report back on the vision-boarding session i hosted last saturday. it was so exciting to see everyone's individual vision take shape, and also to see how energized my galpals were at the process of creating something that held their unique view of what they wanted for their future.

izzy ponders her future

i also loved the discussions that took place as we spread out on the floor cutting, pasting, flipping thru magazines, searching for words and images that "spoke" to us... as we queried each other about our hopes and dreams, shared pics and offered suggestions, we also came to know each other in an intimate and supportive way. anyone walking into the room would not have realized that some of them had only met 2 hours prior!

here are some of the emails/comments/txts that i received after the event:

A: My board is hanging in my room and I feel peaceful every time I look at it!

N: had such an awesome time - it was sooo much fun! i showed it to my boyfriend - he wanted to know all about it

J1: such a relaxing way to begin the 1st weekend of 2012!

J2: I finished my vision board last night! I stayed up late to do it because I was excited about it! It came out quite differently than it was on Saturday...

the funny thing is that i never finished my own vision board -- it didn't feel quite "ready". writing this is making me want to work on it now - maybe i'll stay up late and finish mine tonite :-)

before the session was over we had already decided that this would be an annual event - it will be great to check back next january, see how the year unfolded for each of us and then begin the process again... wishing you a year of beautiful things unfolding....

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