Tuesday, March 27, 2012

bouncing back

today was one long struggle... to stay awake, to get anything done, to even figure out what to get done. every time i take a red-eye, i remember why they call it that - whether you get any sleep or not, you return with a feeling of bleary-eyed fogginess.

a few things helped me get through the day - a loooong walk by the water with my pooch, a phone call from my best friend to catch up (on the week), and a phone call from a perpetual "phone-tag"ing friend to catch up (on the year).

i started thinking about why these things combined to not only get me through the day but make me feel better so quickly and bring me back to myself.
  • the first helped me breathe, be more alert, get into the moment, and stretch my eyes (and my legs)
  • the second helped me review an amazing week - the big moments, the small wonders, the blessings galore - as well as get out of my self-absorbed state to hear her stories and reconnect in a way that you can only do with someone who knows you like a sister
  • the third helped me put things in perspective.... when you connect with someone you haven't seen in awhile you tend to talk bigger-picture. it can be a good way to assess where you've come, where you're going, and not only chart your progress but organize your thoughts and feelings around it. and telling these things to someone who you know is in your corner can also help you feel supported, and be an impetus to propel you forward.
the next time i feel sluggish, stuck, or out of sorts, i plan to try to simulate today's remedy for my red-eye-induced fogginess and see if this formula will work for me again: get up and move, assess the source of the emotions, and then pull back to get the broader view and put things in perspective.

and i'll make sure i have a couple friends and my cute dog around for support :-)

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